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s7eve: I can see what you're saying for sure, I'm a guitar player, and I have no keyboard experience at all. :P Right now my computer is less than desirable, so I'm not sure how much it can handle, but once it gets sexed up, I'll see what else I can do. Would you suggest making it longer or shorter, and more intricate or simpler? Once again, it's difficult to do a lot on my computer, but I could definitely try having different synth voices to liven things up a little.

Zero: Yeah man for sure. The synth comes up in one of the middle sections, it's just too buried (I've been meaning to fix that) and then again in the breakdown, but I'd definitely like to feature it more often. The only problem I can see is if it was a prominent instrument, I'd almost need a synth player in my band (which would be impossible to find in Arkansas, btw) or just play to samples.

Thank you guys so much for the crits and compliments.
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