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Moser Guitars or Ibanez Guitars?

I did not know where to put this, but here it goes...

I, work at Taylor Guitars, the rest of my band (expect the 2nd singer) work at Carvin Guitars, meaning we all went to NAMM. At NAMM, we were handing out our CDs ( - Squirrelly Arts - City of Plastics and Wonderful Wonders! - Other / Other / Other - ) We came over to Moser Guitars, and we were talking to Moser himself, and sponsorship talk came up, and Moser said he was looking for new, creative bands to endorse and what not, so we gave him a CD, he was interested in our art work, and he said if he liked our stuff, he would give us a artist sponsorship, he told us the details and that left us so we agreed to talk to them in about 2 weeks, now, don't get me wrong, Moser Guitars ARE badass, and the deal they offered us is REALLY sweet, BUT! I told my band that we should also try to show our stuff to Ibanez, see what kind of response we get from them, and the band was all "well, we should take what we can get" and "we will NEVER get sponsored by Ibanez, they are huge, we are nothing..." and the last one "your pipe dreams will never come true, lets just go with Moser and play their stuff"

All this got me kinda pissed, cause, not to sound like a sell out, but all my stuff IS Ibanez, not cause I want to get endorsed by them, but because its GREAT stuff! my 2 Ibanez guitars = my Ibanez pedals = my Ibanez cases = ibanez pedal cases = .... I'm like, ...., what do I do? what do you guys think? am I being to stupid about this? should I even send my band's press kit to Ibanez knowing they most likely won't do anything? (but should that stop me from playing Ibanez?)

ARGH! I'm going to go nuts.....over nothing!
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