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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
The pickup placement on the SC kills it for me. :\
I agree with Chris here, I fail to understand why (despite it being a singnature model) the flagship ESP seven continues to use a pickup configuration that pretty much no one else in the world besides Stef likes... or why there are five different models, yet none with a trem. A passive pup option couldn't hurt either.

Personally, the 27" scale is a big plus, but I could pass on the mahogony, and ESP's neck profiles don't make my hands happy. They're not bad, I just prefer the thinner necks of the Ibanez and Jackson relm. My suggestion: Track down a 1077XL: Real trem, more flexible sound, 27" as well, Prestige build quality, simply the best production seven out there... better than the UV IMHO.
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