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UNIQUE 7 STRING ELECTRIC VIOLIN -GORGEOUS -NEW 6B7 - (eBay item 180194505170 end time Dec-19-07 19:58:44 PST)

Hardwood, spruce top, maple back, ebony board.

I don't know why they put the pointy part below where the cutouts are on an acoustic version. Maybe to make it feel more like an acoustic, but then why the extra strings...

Anyway, I know how to get into extreme high range on a normal violin so it might or might not be a problem (shoulder twist...ugh)

There's another one from the same company (I think) going through on ebay, so I guess it's something they do every so often.

I'm going to try to use a string for a high B, because that makes a lot more sense to me than a low E would (one half-step below the next string...why??) and like I said, we shall see. I might have to special-order a .06 guitar string from one of the companies mentioned here and cut it to violin size in order to make this work.

The company looks like a regular company (not scammer), so hopefully it'll be a halfway decent (or better) instrument.
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