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whats weird about this though is michael nor his brother play a v2 live. When I saw them on the black tyrany tour they both played RM100 modular heads. what modules? hell if i know, but i doubt that they are stock. theyre tone right now is very EL34 colored though. i imagine they could be using any of the marshall inspired modules or maybe even the bogner ecstacy module. still very nice tone, whatever theyre using. as for as tthe tones on ROTT, michael's tone kinda sucks...which is really too bad because i have always loved his tone. i read it some where and in one of the in studio videos he used a Randall V2 and ENGL Blackmore/Savage and an ESP Eclipse loaded with EMG 81/81. totaly not the warm full bodied tone he is known for. as far as chris, sounded like the same stuff he was using prior to his departure: dellinger-CA and Peavey JSX
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