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I don't think the world is ruined yet but a lot of damage has been done.

Freedom is the ability to do what you want when you want, with freedom there should be accountability. Bush has led the world in removing freedom from it's citizens.

If a man dictates what you can and cannot do and monitors your every move, you are not free and he is a dictator. It can also be said that he does not trust you and believes you are not intelligent enough to make your own decisions.

By all means a responsible leader should protect his borders but he should not punish his own people for the crimes of others.

Any man who is unable to keep his own home in order has no right to tell another how to keep his house in order, yet bush insists on doing so.

Bush has ignored the cries of some when there is nothing in it for him and instead gone for targets against massive opposition from his own people and allies.

A terrorist is one who's actions create terror, for me no man has created more terror in recent times than Bush.

No country has a greater impact on the environment than the U.S. The leaders of the country must assume responsibility for the impact their nation has on the Earth. Under the current U.S. administration things have only become worse.

To put it simply the quality of life now and the prospect for future generations is lower now than it was when Bush came to power. No one has been more responsible for this than Bush, his impact has not been confined to the nation he governs, it is global.
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