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Originally Posted by TotallyBr00tal View Post
Ok most of these things you mention were already ....ed up when he was elected so those dont count and as for the abuse of presidential power how, Congress voted for the War.
Which ones? And his abuse of power? Please, if you don't know, you need to do some reading. His ridiculous "signing statements", his wiretapping program, rampant cronyism, hell, there's probably a lot more I can't remember or simply don't know about. No one since Lincoln (or maybe FDR) has grabbed so much power as president, and Lincoln had a damn good reason. And, he went to congress to ask for the temporary suspension of habeas corpus, with a well defined ending point.

I Don't know if this is true but at the same time these religous institutions do a lot of good for their local communities such as providing food for the poor, clothing donations, helping with education, housing projects, scholarships for colleges and I could go on here, so thats a bad thing and after all this is "One Nation Under GOD"
Secular institutions do just as good a job, and in the case of a lot of things like oh say, sexual education, much better. And I'll have you know that "one nation under god" was added to the pledge of allegiance (a disgusting habit anyways, I think) during the red scare in the '50s, as was "In God We Trust" on the dollar, which replaced "e pluribus unum". You're standing on shaky ground.This nation was not founded in God's name, it was founded in the name of liberty.

Whether it's laughable or irrational, this is the path that ALL great men walk!
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