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Originally Posted by Oogadee Boogadee

Rick brutha!!! welcome!

another exception to the rule - drummers, we can disrobe on stage. We're the ones working hard. we deserve to swing freely.

yeah - that symphony x was a burning hell. if it was that hot off stage, i can't imagine how hot it must have been under those damn lights.
Thanks dude! Can you believe it? I broke down and bought a 7?!?!?!?

True, I will give you that. I'm not against the disrobing of anyone. I just think its really stupid when someone comes out on stage like that and its not even hot! Work up a sweat, then take it off - you're OK. Playing at a pool party, OK. Opening up for Kamelot and starting your set shirtless --

Hell yeah dude, it was BRUTAL!!! I was sweating so much I think I lost 10 pounds! Seriously though, I was sweating so much that my shorts kept sticking to me and I couldn't move easily at all. Even the "Pierpont Lunge" TM was nearly impossible to pull off. As hard as work up on stage I can't imagine of you had to play that night too!

Originally Posted by Stitch View Post
Ouch, ripped by the new guy.

Did I displease you? Is the RG7620 sucking?

Huh? That wasn't a rip on *you* dude! You just have the habit of calling everything gay, so I was simply using your terminology.

Hell no man, you rock! I've been playing the hell out of that thing! Thanks again!

I can't wait for my new pickups to come in either. Gotta wait a few extra days though since the Air Norton 7 is on backorder (in black). As good as this thing sounds now, I can't wait to hear it with these awesome pups!

Originally Posted by Ojinomoto View Post
??? What...huh...
Major sarcasm. Obviously the number of women at a prog show is usually quite low. Although, it has definitely been getting better! I did have an old drummer that used to hit on a bunch of fans wives. They LOVED him for that.

Originally Posted by Ojinomoto View Post
seriously? Why?
I don't know! I think it was so hot and the set went by so quickly that we weren't even thinking clearly enough. Although it seriously wouldn't have helped much as hot as it was in there and at least the shirt was helping to soak it up instead of dripping even more. Yes, it was that f**king hot in there!

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