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Best Tuners...?

(Sorry but on the other forums here i didnt ge an answer.. so..)
I probably gonna tune my jackson (6 string) to A and change it's hardwar...
So - some questions about tuners (gotta hold big gauge of strings... 60-62):
1. On floating bridge - locking or non locking tremolo?
2. whats is, in your opinion, the best tuners firm/factory, and why? I got a 10mm hole (25/64"-13/32") and i dont wanna rout my guitar (so i guess sperzel is down?)...

another question:
I would like to replace my schaller jt-590 bridge to floyd rose pro (Should be bette + i want gold hardwar istead of black...).
In your pinon - does it woth the routing i should do for it?

Thank you all for your answers (:
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