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Originally Posted by Drew View Post
Best post in this entire discussion.
+1 He just nailed exactly what's been bothering me since 9/11 happened. People were so sad for America, I couldn't stop thinking of the people in the buildings. When I watched the footage on the news, I wasn't scared of a war starting, I wasn't worried about the political ramifications, I was thinking of how horrible it was for the people in those buildings, and their families.

To me, all of the "Remember 9/11" stuff and the talk of how it hurt America was a little like saying "You think you've had a bad day? I know your house burned down, but all my stuff smells like smoke!" It just felt like people were taking something horrible that happened to a bunch of people, and tried to make it their own so that they could feel special too, in some weird way.

(no offense intended to anyone, just my personal opinion)

This, on the other hand, is basically guaranteed some hate mail. Not sure what to think myself yet:

The Offensive Senses

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