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Thanks for the comments guys!

Originally Posted by kmanick View Post
overall , pretty nice, but It's a little stiff (like you're nervous, I can tell you're nervouse because you don't shift positions once during the whole clip )
I bet you can shred like a mad man when the camera is off,
it's obvious you've got some chops and you're tone is very nice (is that a Line 6 back there?)
Try recording 2 or 3 takes where you don't even care how it comes out and I bet you'll see some nice shreddage!

I liked it, where'd you get the BT?

Yeah, I used a Line6 Flextone 2 for this.

I got the backing from a long time ago, so I don't know if it's still there.

Part of the reason I stayed in one position is that I'm not exactly used to the tuning.

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