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Originally Posted by shadowgenesis View Post
wow. i never would have put those two bands together. It seems like guys into the metal that's this heavy always stay FAR from Korn and other more pop-friendly metal.

what's Soulfly like? at first i was thinking of Flyleaf and i was just like wtf???
You've never heard Soulfly? Where have you been? Been around for like 10 years now. Anyways, Soulfly is a lot like stuff you'd hear on the Roots album, only a little more groovy and heavy. It's very simple stuff, hit or miss really. Nothing special.

Also I don't really think old Korn was any less heavy than Sepultura. I'd argue that Korn's self-titled album was heavier than "Roots" or pretty much anything Sepultura has done since Chaos AD.
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