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Originally Posted by zimbloth View Post
Sweet amp man, Congrats. I'm glad you found "your amp". I'm sure you'll be discovering many ways to make it sound even better too (finding out which pickups/guitars get along best with the amp, biasing, different tubes/speakers, etc). I'd like to try one of those sometime. I did try a Cobra once, I liked it but I'm not a fan of vintage 30s).
yeah, i'm incredibly happy with it right now, but i need some time before i find my tone. as for biasing, you or joe might need to help me out with that one. i don't know how to bias an amp, let alone bias it to get the most out of its tone.

you know, i hated v30s with the recto i used to have, but i love them with the dragon. maybe i'll do some sort of v30 mc90 x-pattern thing in the future, but i like it as is for now.

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Then you're clearly plugging into the wrong end of the cat

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