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Originally Posted by TomAwesome View Post
Well, he's probably figuring that they might have that opinion if he makes the super stripped down barebones guitar that was suggested, which they might. Didn't he have a similar issue with DiMarzio a while back that caused him to switch the pickups in the formerly DiMarzio equipped guitars?

Would that be an option? I don't think he'd go for it, but I'd probably buy a barebones 8 with no pickups if it was still routed for 808's... Or even if it just had some crappy pickup in there that took up the same amount of space so I could switch it out.
I'm not sure about the dimarzios. That could be the case. I understand what he was saying, but I think emg would be fine with it, I mean its another platform to market their 808.

Yeah I dont think he'd go for that. I'd be satisfied with some cheap pick up, as people would probably swap pick ups around no matter what he puts in it.
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