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Originally Posted by TheMissing View Post
You can always try adjusting the tension on the springs, although why it went wacky in the first place is beyond me. Check to make sure your neck didn't bow by looking down it. I know the strings on my guitar didn't feel right until I adjusted the truss rod, it's amazing how much diffrence a 1/4 makes.

Thats actually the next thing i checked, there is a 'slight' bow going on, but nothing major. Btw, there was one point where the fret was buzzing and i had a guy from guitar center to check it out and raise the bridge, while that did stop the the buzzing, i did noticed that he didn't tune it in standard tunning that i wanted, so i took it home, put it in B standard tunning, and thats were the bridge started to bend, and i added the extra spring.
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