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Originally Posted by TomAwesome View Post
If the grounding is fine, it might just be noise, especially if you said you didn't notice it on your practice rig. It might be a joint going bad on a cable, just plain cheap cable, or just noise from the amp. See if there's still any noise on your clean channel and go from there. If you happen to be in front of a TV or CRT monitor, that'll do it, too.
actually it was a death metal pedal through an 70's Ampeg Tube bass amp. when it was on clean there was no noise at all, just when i had the distortion on. like i said, when i turned the tone all the way down there was no noise. i even tried leaving the room and there was still some buzzing (if that helps) i just texted my cuz to see if he's getting any noise with his Epi les paul.

and to you and everyone else, thanks for the help
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