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I'm with you 100 percent azyiu! Yi is a god damn joke. Who the hell does he think he is??? He hasn't proven ANYTHING at the nba level. Let alone the talent and contribution that would allow a player that kind of say. It's a draft. the cba needs to get that in their heads. Whoever choses to take a player that is where that player plays. Yi should be made an example of and simply not permitted to play in the nba ever. As an incoming rookie a player has no say in where they play. Why is yi any different? cause he is a chinease player? who gives a ....!? That spot could have gone to many other and more deserving players. IF this asshole and the cba think he is to good for the bucks then let him stay in china. He has already lost my respect and will never earn it back. this is the same .... steve francis pulled and he has never had my respect either.
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