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For $600, you're getting a LOT of guitar with this monster. Here are the specs:

Mahogany body/flame maple top
Neckthrough 5 piece maple neck
Licensed Floyd
EMG 707 pickups
1 volume, 1 tone, 3 way toggle
25.5" scale
Ebony fretboard
24 extra jumbo frets
No inlays
flamed headstock
Grover tuners

So how does it play, sound, and feel? It honestly gets two huge thumbs up all around. The cosmetics are great and I can find no flaws or anything that stands out as a potential negative. The ONLY thing would have to be the licensed Floyd instead of a real one...BUT it feels better than the last Interceptor's and it seems pretty stable so far.

The Fretboard is verrrrrrrrrry smooth and great ebony. It has/had the same type of slightly glossy/shine to it that other new guitars have but it wears down with playing. The frets are very nice, well shaped, and feel very smooth.

You may notice that the cutaways are a bit sculpted and provide a little better access around the neck too.

The EMGs are pretty sweet, very crunchy and a great balance for the mahogany/maple combo.

Also, the other change from the prior version is the scale length. The Pro is back down to 25.5" and is VERY comfortable to play on. The neck profile seems a bit better than the original Interceptor too. It's still thick, but not uncomfortable.

This really isn't a "good guitar for the money guitar," it's just plain great. If you're looking for a cool seven string, definitely give this one a look.

Here's how the neck profile compares to an Ibanez 1527 prestige profile at the first fret:
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