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Question Sound: Peavey 6505 + Marshall 1960BV with Ibanez K7

Hi everyone. I'm kinda newbie here so maybe this question has already been discussed.

I got Peavey 6505 with Marshall 1960BV connected at 16omhs with Ibanez K7 plugged in. I suppose it's a not bad rig =) but the question is that I cannot get the right sound on it. I mean the 7-th string sounds like nothing, like the bass and mid-bass is cut. I play Dropped A so a chord AEA sounds terrific, but not slightly on this gig.

I want to know how to get a perfect sound on this kit. I use it at a rehearsal base and the knobs on amp on lead channel go like this: pregain 3—4, low 5, mid 10, high 3, presence and resonance 10.

I want it to sound as good as it can so that all the notes are readable and at the same time brutal.
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