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Originally Posted by Toshiro
Yet you stick up for Hikaru who sings about japanese girls being easy? YOU wanna talk about dumb lyrics? And yes I think it's stupid that Utada tried to make it over here, doesn't matter where she was born. Hikaru Utada, dropping her given name, is going to immediately make it big when most of her US fan-base were hardcore anime fans? Most of her old fans I know won't touch that english record with a ten foot pole, the music on it, from what I've heard of it, doesn't even sound like her at all.
Well, like Shannon said, I'm not gonna start an argument about it. I'm not defending Utada's lyrics (because I can't recall any pop lyrics - period - that I thought were good). If I had to compare them to Ayumi's, though, I'd have to say they're near ingenious.

I have no idea why she had/has so many hardcore anime fans, anyway. Her music has no relation to animation, whatsover. I could care less what "hardcore anime fans" think since at least half of the American ones are extremely illogical (I used to have an anti-"otaku" website which got quite a bit of hate mail). And, I'm not anti-animation or regular japanimation fans (I have seen at least 1000 Japanese animations by now, have read at least 100 "manga" series, and even tonight am planning on watching 2 animation movies). My main problem is with the "Fanboys" and "fangirls" (don't want to go into detail, but I think you'd agree with me on many points). So to me "hardcore anime fan" is not necessarily a compliment, even though I've known a lot of really nice "hardcore anime fans" and I also will most likely be starting a Japanese comic translation/publishing company in 2006 or 2007 with a good Japanese friend of mine with me as head translator.

Mm... yeah, well, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree about the Utada/Hamasaki thing.
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