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Yeah,this was was built by Spruce Hill but it appears that they've gone out of business.
He was terrible with delivery times and stupid excuses.I waited over a year for this body and i heard some people waited over two years and never got their bodies in the end.
It's crazy really because he supplied the Fender Custom Shop with the Aluminium bodies they used for their limited run and the Harley Strats and all of those specials.They also did a small number of Teles too.
So he must have been reliable at some point.
I managed to get in touch with another guy who used to do the fabricating for Spruce Hill and he does all kinds of Aluminium bodies now,and he can build and ship one in under a month too.

Hey Mike!
I'm thinking of getting either a Strat or another Tele body(possibly a 7 string) in the future and i was wondering if you made Fanned-fret necks that would be suitable for these bodies ?
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