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My guitars just lack mojo...

I think that for the amount of time I've played guitar, I've owned a pretty good amount of mid to high end stuff, 6 and 7 strings. But I just can't seem to be able to just connect and/or dentify myself with a guitar and stick to it, with only one exception: my first ever guitar, an Ibanez gio GRX20... its all banged up and stuff, and It doesn't play THAT well, but I have a blast playing it. I mean I've been playing this guitar mostly for the past 2 weeks while my jem and S7320 sit in their respective cases and stands. I find this frustrating...

I'd love to find a guitar that's a joy to play... something that plays very well and if possible in a price range that won't make me go OMG everytime it comes within 3 feet of something that could potentially scratch and ding it. I was thinking of maybe a player UV7BK, but I'd like to hear all the suggestions beforehand... keep In mind I love Ibanez, but I'm not limiting myself and a thin neck is not THAT much a necessity.

I don't have much right now but I'm planning on selling both my guitars (jem and S) to get one nice 6 and a nicer 7 if necessary...

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