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Originally Posted by Dendroaspis View Post
Hey Sakeido I'm glad it got to you fine, excellent! And that axe IS truly worth worship, hopefully you like the setup job I did on it, it's a bit different from factory settings and guages. I know you'll rock that baby out buddy.
Yeah man, the action is great, so low, so even across the whole neck. What string gauges are on here? They are the perfect tension for B standard! Already have rocked it pretty good, I jammed with my band last night and plan to do so again today.. and tomorrow and probably Monday as well. The neck is so smooth and despite it being so thin, is mega comfortable.

Through the Mesa it sounds great... I wish the pickups were higher output, but the neck pickup gives such a brilliant soloing sound and the bridge has a nice bit of dirt with a lot of mids that I just have to get used to them. I've been using EMGs for too long I guess I was shocked by how good the piezo sounds through my amp's clean channel. Really bright, but the mix between piezo and the magnetic pickups (middle position on the switch) is to DIE for.

Clips coming sometime soon
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