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ESP Maple Board SD, etc (56k is old)

Here it is its called the SEC-7 FR
love that lower horn cutout...
i hate the headstock and maple boards but i know some of you guys are nuts about em..
anyway here are some apparantly japan only ESP models


M-SEVEN (holy .... they still make M series sevens? out of alder too)


UT SL 7 (which is how I found these guitars re anyone else think this is hot thread)


Horizon 7 FR


Now for Edwards Guitars
ECY 108 D7 (funny heading is mislabeled as ECY 100 D7

E 790 HR

E-790 JG

I wish they made these as sevens--- theyre totally pimp (they have a lot of other cool japan only shapes too)

They seem to experiment with lots of variations on the F series...

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