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Originally Posted by Metal Ken View Post
I dunno if thats an accurate relation though. something really sounds different about the technique he used to mute the stuff on the new single. like, it doesnt sound like it on the new song (still doesnt quite sound as good as it could...) But on the trilogy, it sounds like he just, well, pressed his hand into the strings when he was playing the riffs.
I've heard the new trilogy is in Bb. That might have something to do with it.

Still SWTWC and Alive in Athens sound better that 90% of th Engl recordings I've heard, and that includes Scar Symmetry and their Fireball, IMO.

And there is a Larry on the new one, just mixed with the Engls. Jon was supposedly shopping for a 2nd amp tone for a while there.

But I don't think the Larry sounds $2k+ better than the Engl. Just like I don't think the Engls sound $1k+ better than a Laney.
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