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I saw something in the sky last night...

...and I can't explain what it was.

Jason & I were walking out of our rehearsal pad late last night, around 10 pm or so, and we hung out in the parking lot for about 20 minutes. Anyway, at one point I looked straight up, and could see about 5-6 stars in the sky. We were in downtown Phoenix, and it was a clear night.

Anyway, one of the stars started to move. It was moving fairly fast & constant in a straight line, and Jason & I followed it across the sky for about 3-4 minutes. Neither one of us could explain what it was.

It didn't have flashing lights like normal commercial aircraft, and it appeared to be flying way too high to be commercial aircraft. At the same time, I believe the dot was too big to have been a satellite or the international space station, and I think that stuff moves faster across the sky anyway if I'm not mistaken.

So my only explanations I can think of, are that it's 1) a high-flying military plane of some kind, but then why does it have a light on? or 2) something unexplainable.

Anyone else ever see something like that? I tell you, it looked like a star, only it was moving.
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