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They were made in the 90's, solid state, had gray carpet covering, black faceplate & red knobs. they looked like this (this is a bass version)

As far as sound goes, it's been quite a long time since I've even seen/heard of these. Let's just say that they're as popular as the 'Metal Strats' Fender put out.

I'm thinking that they were an answer to the Peavey Bandit, etc.. that were (and kinda still are) the staple of beginner amps for people that want to jam but don't have the coin for all tube combos or 1/2 stacks. Back then you couldn't get an amp head for much less than a grand (not like you can now with E-Bay and the like).

Sorry I couldn't help as to what they sound like, but I think I recall people saying they were quite loud.
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