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Arrow Picstory: Kevan visits, and we visit Drew.

Kevan is in town, which presents the opportunity to grab beers.

So after getting home from work and tossing the UV in my trunk I head out:

And head towards Woburn:

I arrive, and park next to the TestosteroneMobile:

Get to the room, and behold, the RG-PAINT:

And Kevan!

We fart around for a few, I take too few pics, and then he, Rob Keeler and I head out to grab some mexican. Food, not people. Obligatory engine shot:

Kev's mighty hungry though. He's vibrating, he can't even stand still.

So we arrive and get dinner.

Mid-food, we have one nacho left. Kevan deems this nacho false.


Administers the fist of doom:

And cancels the

Which I deem true.

Anyway, Kevan is so happy to be full, he picks up the check.

We head back to the room, as Rob has to take off for a session. I played the custom Framus for about 5 minutes, became afraid of it because it's more expensive than most of my gear combined and handed it back.

Deemed true:

We get our .... together and head to Drew's.

And arrive to find this guy, already half in the bag.

We hand over his new Strat VII. Kevan is not amused.

Drew inspects the new purchase:

And inspects it some more:

Happy with his new axe, Kevan and I celebrate with a smoke.

Back inside, Drew checks out the RG:

As do I. I deem it true as well.

Kevan breaks out the shredcam. We all know how that worked out.

One last peek at the Strat VI:

And we head upstairs. I sold Drew some RAM. It was the wrong RAM, so I corrected it with the correct RAM, which he had some er, difficulty installing. So I installed it for him.

While Kevan played some bass:

"That was easy, Drew."

It works!

I note that Drew sucks at installing RAM. Which is fine, because my half of our friendship involves me sucking at setting up Tremolos. I think I make out in the arrangement.

Done with that ...., let's see if it boots.

Looks good:

Yep, it works.

There were quite a few hot chicks at Drew's. I tried to be sneaky.

Colin approves.

We devise a devious plan, and send Drew up to grab his UV. The plan involves this:

Which we had to open first:

To administer to Drew's beer.


Drew arrives, and Kev hooks up the Shredcam:

In the event Drew's newly found male enhancement kicks in.. He's kind of screwed since, like, there's only this dude around. :\ Anyway, Kevan and I decide that just incase the Wangification pills do something horrid to him, we keenly tell him not to finish said brew.

We do, however, finish ours:

And head out, past Bus 77.

Back to the room, it's getting late.

But never too late to setup Chris's UV!

Kevan gets to work:

Whilst I badger him and say in a british accent "I'm the bloody guitarist, the setup needs to be perfect for my godlike sweeping arpeggios!"

This is why I don't do my own setups. All I'm doing here is screwing in the backplate, and I look like a' caveman trying to hammer a basketball through a drainpipe:

Guitar together, I pack my .... and head on my way. It's late:

So I made my way home:


Amp: 6505+ / Recto 4x12s
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