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Originally Posted by Martin_777 View Post
Daniel Craig is my "third favourite" James Bond but nobody beats Sean Connery and Roger Moore.
I beat Roger Moore regularly. With a big stick. He was .... as Bond in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Chris
Watched this last night. It was entertaining, but just dragged on for too long after the actual plot was done with. Plus, the British chick never got naked.

Not bad though. 7/10
Agreed. I thought it started really well but as soon as it got to the bit in the train it went downhill. Some of the acting and lines were awful and made it drag on a bit too much by the end. If she got naked I would have happily ignored the .... bits towards the end that I didn't like.

By the way there is no way that woman is British - she had the most ....ed up accent I have ever heard! Is that how us limeys sound to you then Chris?

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