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Originally Posted by jacksonplayer View Post
I'm also on the list for one of these, but rather far down, so it'll be awhile before I get mine.

Christopher, I've read your review on some of the other boards where the Axe-FX has come up, and I'll be curious to read your comparison of the modeling with the Vetta.

I ditched my PODxt (basically half a Vetta for direct recording purposes) because of the scratchiness and terrible-sounding palm mutes and am currently using a Zoom G9.2tt, which sounds like a somewhat better PODxt. I'm not expecting perfection, but the clips I've heard seem like a different world from other modelers.
From where I'm coming from the modeling kills the Vetta. The first thing is the feel. It really is that much better. After playing for a few minutes with it I started seeing gaping holes in my technique that I hadn't noticed. I blame it on the solid state feel of the Vetta. My picking technique was especially ....ty.

It honestly took me a few months of pretty heavy tweaking on a daily basis to get my Vetta tones to sound like I wanted them. Even then it was somewhat lacking. I got it to sound pretty good (IMO) but just not 100% of the quality I've had with tube rigs.

With less than 8 hours on the Axe Fx the models are already beyond what I got my Vetta to do after a couple of years of tweaking. In fact, all I had to do was use the factory presets and edit the amps themselves to taste.

The biggest factor to me is the Mesa Mark models. The IIC+ on the Vetta was horrid. I tweaked and tweaked and I could never get it to do the tone I wanted. There are several Mark / Triaxis settings in the Axe Fx and they're WAY better than the Vetta's.

The lead tones are what are really spanking me right now. I got good clean tones from my Vetta and really good heavy, tight rhythm tones but my lead tones were always thin and "digital" sounded. The best description of the lead tones available in the Axe Fx are "chewy". I have to agree. I might have to do with the improved feel or it might just be the power amp sims.

I can't wait to get more time to tweak. I've got some sessions this week and I'm hoping to use it for them.

Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Aah right on. Interesting business tactic.

The clips on the website sound fantastic.
The thing you have to remember is the company is made up of two people. There's Cliff, the guy that designed and it building them and Danielle, his fiance, who does all the email and customer service / billing thing.

The fact that I've had several conversations daily with Cliff over the last couple of weeks is HUGE to me. I've seen great customer service before but nothing like this.

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