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The Gift Haul thread!

First of all, merry christmas everyone
This thread is kinda like the CD haul thread, only with presents.

I've got a head start, since my birthday was on the 22nd.

I got:

A guitar rack for 5 guitars. VERY nice, since I can now finally have 'em in one place, instead of strewn all over my room.

A metal-as-.... guitar strap. Black leather with studs!

Gift certificates for a shop that sells CD's, and electronics. I've gotten a lot of those, because I've given up on putting actual CD's on my list. Can you imagine my grandma trying to order a Cephalic Carnage cd?
Basiclly, I'm sparing my family the trouble of finding the records I want, because there are no decent record stores whatsoever in this part of my country. However, If i get more gift certificates tonight (yeah, tonight , that's how we do in denmark), I'm getting an iPod Nano instead.

A sweater that doesn't fit. Hooray.
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