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Well I learned even thought I was in the air force, it never hurts to ask your parents for help. Basically I have alot of pride in my independence and I got really stupid and stopped taking my meds when I really needed them. I'm not used to taking meds alot and it kinda hit me hard when I got home that I should of went to Louisiana instead of Arizona however out of it I made a true friend. basically I went from March to Beginning of October without my meds and I didn't realize that I'm not my usual self. I didn't eat alot as I use to, I sleep atleast 10 hours a day, a bit more pale then I used to be before I left for the military. I'm 22 years old and acted like I was 12. Basically I learned that I really need to take care of myself before I make a big move. I know I hate it here and don't like to live with my mother but once I'm taken care of then I can go do what I gotta do.
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