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Hellz Yeah! New six string time! (56k=Pepsi)

Well I took a trip to Long&McQuade today, thought i'd have a look around, kill some time. I ended up leaving with a new guitar....sort of.

First off, I must say if you ever get the chance, try out a Godin Guitar. Very nice guitars, and the only reason I didn't pick up a lefty Godin, was because it had no trem of any kind. The right handed one I saw had a trem, and I think piezo or synth or something, and if that was available left handed, I would have picked that up instead. Very impressive guitars

Anyway, onto the guitar I did buy...

Got myself a pretty pimp gig bag

And a '95 US Fender Strat with a maple board and white body. My favourite combo on a strat
And that's not all. It's fairly beat. Which saves me some trouble

I'm out of beer, so a toast using a mini sprite will have to suffice

There was another one there exactly like this, but like a 2000 some with a rosewood board brand new and I said to myself "Man, if it had a maple board i'd be taking it home right now." Then I saw this hanging on the wall mixed in with some gibson's. I'm very pleased with this guitar. Still need to restring it and buy a bar for it but other than that it's perfect.

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