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You guys have the same discussion with metal tone. I don't see the problem here.

Let's take the same process that we use to evaluate metal tone. Record what you think is a "jazz tone" and place it in a mix. If it sits well, doesn't dominate other instruments, isn't muddy, and has character than your fine.

I speak from experience. Guitar players, especially early jazz guitar players, step all over everyone elses toes volume and tone wise.

Originally Posted by ShreddingDragon View Post
In an audition, you'd think they look at your playing first, then your tone - I wouldn't go as far as telling someone to buy an entirely different guitar for an audition just because of sound. A handmade Kent Armstrong is probably great for jazz, but learning to use gear gives you options. That tube amp is most likely a good idea though.

When not in a hurry, +1 for amp tweaking without looking, just using ears. Sometimes gives surprisingly good results.
Berklee has a reputation for being THE jazz school, one of the only places to get an education in jazz from an institution back in the 70s. I'm going to assume they would provide a decent amp.

I didn't say to buy a new guitar, ALTHOUGH I would highly recommend renting a high end Eastman and getting familiar with it for the sake of the audition. Having an appropriate instrument for your genre demonstrates you take the art seriously. It's the same thing for string players, horn players etc. auditioning.

If you were going to audition to get into a prestigious metal band, would you show up with a Squire and a Fender Princeton?
That's a pretty straight analogy.

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