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Originally Posted by playstopause View Post
As far as i know, no one is tone deaf for not hearing emotions in the 312361 notes that Cooley plays per second. And if he'd be that great (besides being known only by guitar players) he would have sold milions albums by now.
And as far as Dragon....inforce goes, what trendwagon are they on exactly? What's your expertise about musical trends?

That being said, i think you need to get older so you can have better judgments over things instead of calling people stupid names.

No offense.

(this thread is actually pretty funny, what do u think guys?)
A rude frenchmen, well I never!

BTW thanks for the neg rep, that really hurt Its weird I swear once and get pounced on for it, trust me there are worse things being said about other members by other members on this forum
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