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Custom 7 String Flying V (Based Off the Devin Townsend Signature)

Hey Guys,

At the moment I am building a seven string flying v for a friend of mine (Client). As I am new to the construction of 7 string electric guitars. I would love to hear as many opinions and get as much guidance as possible to things I may encounter and watch out for during the process.

Specifications: (So Far)
- Neck: 28'' Scale - Fijian Mahogany
- Fret Board: Ebony
- Frets: Dunlop 6000s Stainless Steel
- Bridge: Eagle 7 Flat Mount Bridge System
- Body: Fijian Mahogany
- Neck Pickup: Lundgren M7
- Bridge Pickup: Lundgren M7
- Hardware Color: Chrome

Progress Photographs Coming Soon......
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