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Originally Posted by Lozek View Post
I dunno man, I've never met them although I know a few people who know them loosely. Perhaps they're just playing the game, lets face it, how many pages of opinions have they just spawned on this site?

Love them, hate them, love to hate them, we ARE talking about them above 1000's of other musicians out there, and if that inspires one person who doesn't really know who they are to go and check them out then it's worked in their favour, I suppose.
Not really, I learned about them, and now i just discard them, now that I know what I know, I wont have to think about them again, Its good to keep a profile on a wide variety of musicians, if you were to just ignore them overall, and not form educated opinions on them, you would be ignorant, and I try not to be as ignorant as I can(its a tough job i tells ya )

Originally Posted by Lozek View Post
No man, no malice intended at all, just my thoughts on the love/hate issue they seem to spawn
Not you, the other 2 in this thread.You didnt strike me as a fanboy, but more or less someone who appreciates their music which is fine, I respect that, but just dont go around saying Herman li is an amazing guitarist who is better than everyone

i dont mind if people bash on Cooley, Malmsteen, or Romeo, I just make them sit down and watch a few clips of each one and see if they can say their crappy musicians with a straight face.

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