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Having some extremely annoying electrical issues!

Ibanez IC-300 with Seymour Duncan Dimebucker/'59 combo.
In the past 2 months, I've replaced the jack, 3 way toggle, and
just today, bought a new 500k volume knob. Keep in mind ALL
these parts are NEW, right out of the packaging.

Setup is a basic 2 humbucker / 1 volume / 3 way-toggle.

So, I put in the NEW volume pot, hook the guitar up to my
amp and turn up the volume pot. All I got was some scratchy
noises from the pot, and dead silence. Nothing at all from the pickups.
However, when I touch almost anything metal on the guitar, it makes a
buzz/hum... opposite of what it USED to do.

I've checked the wiring about 1,452 times... I dont get it, it such a simple
setup and all my parts are brand new. Tried a different cable, my amp is
fine, etc etc..

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