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Originally Posted by danger5oh View Post
I'm thinking that might be the better option as well, but my only gripe is that it's the combo and not just the head. I suppose that would give me a little greater flexibility though. The HT-5 is just the head and it's the non-reverb original version, which supposedly sounds better in the gain department, but I wonder what the gain comparison is between the HT-5 and the HT-20? Also, I'm wondering if the older Ampeg will be able to compete with either of the Blackstars in terms of versatility since it's a 20 year old amp... but then again, maybe because they're harder to come by I should go with that one instead? Damnit...
I've owned both version of HT5. The gain sounds the same on both. The clean sounds MUCH better on the newer version. There is no difference between the reverb or non-reverb version of either.

I've also owned the HT20 and while it had some cool tones, it seriously lacked bass and overall depth. Honestly, the HT5 is much ballsier sounding overall and I was happier with it.

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