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Originally Posted by K4RM4 View Post
So i bought the 4 disk set from MF on a whim because i had some money left over from a birthday gift certificate. I've played guitar for over 8 years, but only within the last 4-6 months have i started to look into basic theory and recording my own material. I have a decent ear i think, meaning i can hear something a few times, think about a simple melody and eventually lock onto the notes by guess and check (not bad for a recording only artist, but horrible for an improve session, :P ). My question is this: Can i expect to learn anything from these disks at my level? or did i just buy 4 disks of great musicians that will sit on my dvd shelf for a while? How should i approach wanting to learn the material from a lesson set like this and should i brush up on things before it gets here or as they pop up on the lessons?


p.s. SD 2.0 is on its way as well,
Well, I haven't messed with that set in particular, but I did pick up their learn metal guitar offering on a whim. I should preface by saying that I don't really play metal and grew up playing in jam bands so I really didn't have much experience either. Keep that in mind when I say that the introductory basics were so basic that I couldn't even keep interested. I have yet to give the advanced set a whirl but I probably should.

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