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New axefx patch

I haven't recorded anything for AGES, haven't had time to play with my axefx

spent a heap of time working on my s2.0 sound and i've come up with something that i like. i really dig the kick. i think i need to work on the toms a little bit still, they don't jump out too much or sound very punchy. I normally have the snare running as a center hit AND a rimshot/edge hit(for extra pop), in this mix i somehow forgot to run the center hit aswell so the snare sounds different than usual.

Patch is the regular fas modern, t808 mod in front, compressor, gate, a couple of filters and some other stuff. i've been trying to work on a patch that will sit in the mix nicely and open it up for a bass track(this mix has no bass in it)

Tuning is G# F A# D# G C

what do i need to work on in regards to the patch/drums?

did a little bit of post processing and added a ....ty bass vst. slightly improved i think, getting towards a nice sound. the guitars sound a bit 'dry' to me, i've always had this problem

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