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I don't know... the last lawfirm I worked for (I'm a Desktop Support Tech) my manager was hispanic and my supervisor was black. Both had higher held positions and plenty more cash than I. My mother and father divorced when I was two cause he was a nasty alcoholic. She raised my borther and I while on Welfare, which wasn't enough to pay all the bills so she had to do some occasional cleaning side work.

I dropped out of high school when I was 18, but that is because they were teaching me all the .... I already learned in my elementary school. I managed to make an ok life because I am an autodidact - I love to learn a lot on my own and was doing computers since like 6 years old.

I don't feel privileged at all. One of my hispanic co-worker desktop techs went on to become an IT manager and I am happy for him. I never wanted to be confined to a chair all day so I passed on opportunities to advance, one of which that same guy took to further his career.

Anyhow, I get the message of the ad... and maybe it's because I live in/around New York City that things are seen differently for me. Perhaps here we level out more than other parts of the country and have come further when it comes to racial equality so I don't notice the issue as much. What I will say though is I personally feel the more we bring up racism and keeps it's memory alive and well the longer it will live on. These ads IMO are NOT wise nor helpful to the cause because it focuses on another race and points out things that will just upset others and further create bias. I'm not saying we should all just put the blinders on, but it could've been done better. Why not a picture of a black man with slogans written on his face like, "Why am I not just as good as you?" or somethings like that? Pointing at our skin color and essentially calling us "Entitled" and "Favored" is pretty ridiculous and is a gross stereotype in and of itself.

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