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DiMarzio Evo-7, Duncan Distortion 7, or Full Shred 7 in Basswood

So, I'm trying to find a new bridge pickup for my RG7321. Thanks to some help, I've narrowed down to the Evo-7 for DiMarzios. But, I'm also considering the Duncan Full Shred, since I've heard some really good reviews.

Tone-wise, I'm looking for a VERY tight low end, think Fear Factory and Iced Earth. Lots of rapid chugging and palm mutes with maybe a small solo thrown here and there. I know the D-Activator 7 would excel at this, but I've heard mixed reviews of it in Basswood.

Also, I did do a search, and it just confused things even more for me.


EDIT2: Changed up the title a bit.
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