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Length of signal path??

Hi All,

I've only been playing guitar for a few years, and I'm starting to experiment with effects pedals. My main question: how many pedals can you chain together in front of your amp (or, how long can your signal path be) before sound quality is noticeably diminished? My current amp is a line6 spider IV 120V, and I've chained seven pedals together. I can't seem to get a consistent sound out of this setup. There's always an underlying "hiss," and once in awhile, the tone dynamics will fluctuate i.e., when I sustain a note, the tone will get soft for a split second and then jump back up. I'm really into Periphery, so I tried a pedal configuration similar to one that Misha demonstrated on a youtube video. My signal path is as follows: Gibson SG>MXR Dyna Comp>ISP Decimator>BOSS ML-2>BOSS NS-2>BOSS PH-3>BOSS PS-5>BOSS DD-3>line6 spider. I can't tell if the issue is that my signal path is too long or if it's just a cheap amp (for the record, I do not like the Line 6 so far). Any input would be much appreciated! Thanks.
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