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First and foremost it'll definitely need a professional setup and some new strings.

I would also get an eq pedal and run it in front of any amp you use the guitar with and filter some low end out (experiment to taste) or scoop out the 50-100hz area slightly. Some boosting around the 1k area can also add some much needed attack and snap to the tone before it hits the amp. The amount of pre eq you need to apply will depend on the pickups of course. From my experience all extended range guitars sound much tighter in the low end after you use some pre eq.

The .090 that comes with these guitars can sound really woofy before you apply the pre eq. It might even be a GHS string on there, but it could be a worn out string. Also, for F# you could try a .070 for more attack and clarity.

For the high strings, experiment with gauges once the guitar is setup. For standard tuning on this fan, i would go for a set of 9-46 and then try maybe a .060 for the B.

Once it's setup you should have a pretty good sounding guitar
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