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Just recieved Agle 92730. Have questions.

So I won't be posting a NGD yet because I don't have my camera right now and the guitar seems to need a lot of setting up. My concern is that out of the box, it sounds kind of crappy. The high strings sound kind of tinny and fret out when I bend. The low strings B and especially F# and C# resonate all kinds of crazy frequencies and barely sound like notes at all. I am assuming I need to get it set up, probably adjust the truss rod and raise the action slightly. I am just asking to hopefully get some feedback especially from agile 9 string users. I just want to know that these sort of problems are normal and fixable cause im kind of worried atm. It looks like the F# is a .72 and the C# is a .90 On a 27-30 inch fan it seems like I should be able to play with those gauges to some more success than I'm having. My main concern is that my Randall RG75D combo amp may not be up to par to play those frequencies.

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