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Any gigging guitarist should have at least two- one for backup if a string goes etc.

I'm not gigging at the mo, but used to...

I currently have 10. They're all different in their ways. I am GASsing for 3 more.

So I have-

Ibanez RG550EX
ibanez RG1527
Fender HRR Strat
Fender Strat Plus
Epiphone Black Beauty 3 Pickup
Fender Montara Acoustic
Faith Neptune Acoustic
Washburn RB-2502 Bass
Aria Pro-II Fretless bass.

On the GAS list-
Gibson Les Paul Traditional (in Cherry)- Due in the New Year
Jaden Rose Original Series (who knows when!)
Fender Telecaster of some description.

What can I say? I love guitars!

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