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I go up there and talk to the guitar manager there. He was super apologetic and asked me I wanted a refund, or how I wanted to go about it. He got the GM involved, who then says "So do you like this guitar?" I say yeah, thats what bummed me about it. "Well, heres what we can do. I sold you an american standard, so you can go pick a different one off the wall, or I can take some money off this one for you"....

They had several, but one in particular caught my eye. A wine red 40th anniversary.

I play it and it sounds and plays great. He comes up asks me If I want that one.... kicker, it comes with a case!! Its in near mint condition too.

Quite pleased with guitar center and how this turned out. ONLY DOWNFALL, the guitar is on police hold until thursday haha :p I will survive...

edit : heres a couple pictures, Ill be doinga NGD obviously... :p

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