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Originally Posted by Ploatic View Post
Thanks! I remember him posting it, but to be honest I don't even know how he uses it haha. So its for far from home? I should check it out again, I didn't see it since the time he put it up

I sometimes jot down differently, I don't have a specific way (i had two other doodles for cloud city). This code is pretty much for the last riff. The circles represent the palm muted open b string, the bars mean pick the 2nd fret of the b string (except very last note which is open b string) and the dash mean a quick down then up pick, I'm thinking in 16th notes off the top of my head, I'll check though.
Tats pretty nifty! i personally just use GP to write everything i ever do down because my memory is god awful, at least until i learn the bit. then it should be fine.

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