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Instrumental prog-metal/post-rock supporting Colorado fire relief

Hey everyone,

Been meaning to post on here for a while with some stuff my band and I have been working on. Just got started on a lot of the recording and production and still learning the ropes. I'm posting now because we put out an album yesterday to raise funds for the relief situation for the wildfires in our home state of Colorado. (If you haven't heard much about the situation, this is a good summary so far.) A lot of our friends have been displaced by the fire, and many families who have lost their homes are living in Red Cross-coordinated shelter. We really want to do what we can to help the cause, so we put out this album.

Actium/Colorado Sky - High Park Fire Benefit Split on Bandcamp

The album is $3 for 12 songs, 100% of which will go to the Red Cross for relief efforts for the fire. The first 5 are by my band, Actium. I'd describe us as a blend of prog metal, tech metal, and post-rock. Perhaps post-metal. If you like Cyclamen, Animals as Leaders, BTBAM, The Contortionist, Cynic, etc., any of those sorts of bands, I think you will enjoy it. The second half are solely guitar compositions from my other project Colorado Sky. Those ones aren't super polished but compositionally I think they're pretty good (IMHO).

So anyway, I would really appreciate if y'all would take a look at this. We've worked really hard on this album over the past few weeks and really pushed ourselves to get a finished work out in the last few days.

This cause is extremely important to us and I felt that some fellow musicians could help out. The production definitely still needs work (we really rushed to finish the songs to get this out ASAP, though the composition per se was not sacrificed), so if you have any critiques that you can offer, I'd really appreciate that.

Thanks so much for any help, guys. We really appreciate it.


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